Five reasons why you should consider the NHIS

The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) is a social health security system under the Universal Health Cover. It aims to solve the healthcare needs of people at a low cost.

Health emergencies can happen in a flash. These emergencies may have irreversible consequences if you do not have the resources to deal with them. However, having a health insurance policy can serve as a form of security against these emergencies. Health insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers medical expenses incurred by the insured. The insurer either pays to the health care facility or refunds the money spent by the insured on health issues.

The National Health Insurance Scheme is a prepaid payment plan and is similar to a savings society system. The difference is that the funds contributed is used to pay the medical bills of any participant in need. 

Now you might be wondering to yourself? Why can’t I get a plan for myself and move on? We would support you, but the truth is that health insurance costs a ton of money. You can save yours if you just joined the National Health Insurance Scheme. 

Five Reasons you should consider NHIS.

1. NHIS is Cost-Effective

The entire idea behind the National Health Insurance Scheme is to reduce health expenditures. The reason is so people do not have to pay for health services out of their pockets directly. Regardless of your income bracket, the NHIS structures itself in a way that protects you from the hardship of paying enormous medical bills.

2. Access to Health Services through NHIS

As a participant in the NHIS, the NHIS protects you and your family as it provides you with access to several healthcare services which include; regular health checkup, immunisation, family planning, maternity care (up to 4 live births), optical and dental services.

3. Health Security

Being part of the National Health Insurance Scheme eases the process of owning health insurance, especially if you are financially incapable of holding a personal policy. The health insurance scheme also serves as a check against increasing health costs and ensures efficient service from the providers, therefore, securing your health.

4. The Subsidization of Health Costs with NHIS

The NHIS provides a platform for cross-subsidisation of health costs. Hence, young people subsidise the old, higher-income earners subsidise for low-income earners and the healthy subsidise for the sick. In that way, the government, participants and even employers in the private sector are contributors to the funding of healthcare services.

5. Suitability of NHIS Programs

Under the National Health Insurance Scheme, there are two different programs designed to suit the participants. The first is for the formal sector, which covers employees in the public and private sector. The second is for the informal sector, which includes primary school pupils, students in the university, retirees and people living in rural areas.


The objective of the Scheme is simple. NHIS want to make available, access to quality health care, especially among Nigerians who cannot afford one.

Keying into this high-quality health insurance scheme will help you avoid paying for high medical bills. It will also open doors to the right care you require to improve health condition.

The truth is you’re most likely have shorter hospital visits and live a healthier life in the long run than those without any form of health cover.

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